Akvariet i Bergen | Bergen Aquarium
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“Who we are and what you can experience…”
An experience that guarantees a desire to learn!

Male penguins sometimes adopt eggs and become the world’s best “mothers”, some turtles can breathe through their backsides, the plastic we throw away every year creates a sheet in the ocean as big as some countries, and spiders use hydraulics to move: after a visit to the aquarium, you’ll definitely know something you didn’t beforehand. And you’ll know it with your entire body – not just your head. You also learn important things at school, of course, but it’s not often you’ll get splashed by Kim the sea lion in your classroom! Even if you do risk getting a little wet, coming as close to animals as you can here is an experience that’ll stay with you for a looong time. At Bergen Aquarium, children and adults alike can see, touch, read about and follow the animals and aquarium keepers at close range. You can watch shows and feedings, and see how fish and animals act when in their element. Bergen Aquarium has been a must-see institution for visitors and residents alike since 1960. It’s situated a short way from the centre of Bergen, in a fantastic parkside location with a view out over the seaward approach to Bergen from all sides. There’s good food, too: Biologen Akvariet is a brasserie offering proper food made with proper ingredients. It’ll give you energy for the whole visit, and then some.

10 X Desire to learn:
#1: How hard does a crab pinch? (Find out if you dare)
#2: Do penguins have their own personalities? (Check out diva Pingrid Alexandra and prize dad Herman Priele as some examples)
#3: What does a shark look like from above? Or the side? Or below? (Find out in the shark tunnel)
#4: How wet is a sea lion’s kiss?
#5: What happens if you give the colourful carp a dummy to suck on?
#6: Can aquarium keeper Remi get Ivan the dwarf caiman to do tricks like a dog?
#7: Would you be able to outrun a fully grown Nile crocodile on land? (We recommend you find this out by reading the sign outsidethe enclosure).
#8: Do seals have ears? And can they hear at all?
#9: Do starfish have blood?
#10: Can spiders swim?