Plan your visit to the Bergen Aquarium

Bergen Aquarium, a must-do in Bergen!

After a visit to the Aquarium, you’ll definitely know something you didn’t beforehand. And you’ll know it with your entire body – not just your head.

At the Aquarium you will find:

  • Sea lions, snakes, penguins and more.
  • Film shows and feedings every day.
  • The strangest creatures from the tropical rainforest, the beaches in Norway, the vast oceans and the Arctic regions.
  • Good food made from proper ingredients. Spiseriet Akvariet is really worth a visit

At Bergen Aquarium, children and adults alike can see, touch, read about and follow the animals and aquarium keepers at close range. You can watch training sessions and feedings, and see how fish and animals act when in their element.

A friendly advice from our animals!

  • Please, keep 1-meter distance
  • Keep to the right
  • Wash your hands
  • Stay home if you are sick

Have a great experience at the Aquarium!