Animal Welfare

At Bergen Aquarium we put animal welfare above all else. This includes space, exercise, food and hygiene, and we adapt aquariums, terrariums and other places where our animals live according to the needs of different species.

When we train animals, it is based on the philosophy of rewarding the desired behaviour as opposed to punishing unwanted behaviour. A reward can be food, but also other things. We always reward the desired behaviour. For example, having an active life is important for our marine mammals. Therefore, we spend a lot of time on training and learning with our big stars.

Our focus on animal welfare does not only apply to the aquarium, our commitment extends beyond that. We select some projects where we can contribute a little extra, such as the preservation programme for Philippine Crocodiles, where we are funding efforts to preserve this species in the Philippines. In addition, through a variety of themed exhibitions we regularly shine a spotlight on animal welfare in society in general. Everyone can  do something!

Philippine crocodile