How about an event “under the sea” ?

Bergen Aquarium gives you an unforgettable location for your next event. Give your guests an experience close to the animals, while you enjoy good food made from local norwegian produkts. 
The Rotunda

The perfect place for an evocative dinner “under the sea”. Capacity fir 120-130 people at table. If you want a mix of standing and sitting dining, the Rotunda and Vestibylen can be combined, then there is capacity between 250-450 guests. When using the entire Aquarium, there is room for approx. 1000 guests with standing and serving finger food. 







All food, wether simple finger food or multi-course dinner will be served by Biologen Akvariet. Experienced chefs and staff will welcome you to a good, rustic and honest dining experience. The menu preferably consict of sea fresh ingredients that change after season. Biologen welcomes their guests with enthusiasm, joy and a bit of madnes. 





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